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P.S.S. United was founded December 2010. We began managing KISS Boutiques. We work with start-up and small businesses to mid-size companies. We find it rewarding when we look back at our work and see something tangible. The companies we work with enjoy our services, not only because we save them tons of dollars on products, but we give our all.

The Business Squad is dedicated to all clients. We take on small task as well as large projects. Many companies have come to us for SEO & email marketing. Others come for website design and installation, blogs, and ecommerce sites. Our designers are great at paying attention to our clients and bringing their vision to the internet.

It's hard to ask for help. Everyone feels like they can do it all by themselves. You can if you know how and have the time. Time is not expendable for anyone, and even less so for new small companies. We understand that. That is one of the many reasons why we have obligated ourselves to businesses.

What PSS United Gives


The Business Squad

The Business Squad is the backbone of PSS United. The Squad are there to provide each client with the support that they need. Having the knowledge and know-how is what makes each Squad Member special. The Business Squad becomes your Squad when you sign up.

Superior Work Ethic

PSS United's Business Squad take every step to enforce work ethics and supply our clients with the promise to give them authentic work that they can be proud of. Anything that is requested we will provide as long as it doesn't interfer with our integrity.

Quick Turn Around

Having a project completed quickly with quality work is one of the things we pride our self on. Our staff is dedicated to helping you get online to begin getting a return on your initial investment with us.

Online Presence

Building an online web presence, takes time and effort. Your web presence can not be completed overnight. PSS United, takes every avenue to build you a strong online presence to meet your companies needs.

Bells & Whistles

Entrusting your projects to PSS United, you will not be sorry. We pull out all the bells and whistles to give you a presentation you can be proud of. Letting PSS United perform your task and work to make your company better, you will not regret it.

Seal The Deal

PSS United dedicates countless man hours to delivering quality work to our customers. We give our seal of approval on each project before they are presented to the client. Once that process is completed, we await for your approval.

They Rave About PSS United


Our clients are happy because we are dedicated. Each client gets customized service. Check out what our clients have to say. They are AWESOME too.

  • It is always a pleasure working with the staff. They are warm, open, and honest, which make working with them a pleasure.

    Rosalie McDowell / Cheif Operations Manager

  • When I started my company I chose PSS United to be our business consultant. They gave us an abundance of information and saved us money in the long run.

    Angel King / Owner of Bastets

  • While I was creating my small business website, PSS United helped me with my SEO strategy to make the process simpler. Their advice is cost-effective, especially for a starter business and easy to understand. Her methods are advanced and relative to today's market..

    Kimberly Hilliard / Certified Health Coach/ Mind Your Soul

  • When I started my company I chose PSS United to be our business consultant. They gave us an abundance of information and saved us money in the long run.

    Angel King / Owner of Bastets

  • Brown Logistics LLC
  • KISS Boutiques
  • Mind Your Soul
  • Bastets
  • Brown Logistics LLC
  • KISS Boutiques
  • Mind Your Soul
  • Bastets

The Business Squad


Our Business Squad are full of life experience and enjoy putting that experience and passion into every project that we handle. Each and every sqaud member is looking forward to working with you and your company.

Loretta Bruce


I am the Cheif Marketing Officer of PSS United. I enjoy logo making, web design, and business consulting. Getting to know my clients gives me more insight to their company's needs.

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Mia Hawkins

Web Designer

I am the Lead Web Designer. Drupal, WordPress, ZenCart, and Abante Cart are my favorite to work with. I enjoy working with all platforms to create the site your company needs.

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Benjamin Norris

Content Copywriter

Powerful content is the best way to obtain organic traffic to your site. Subscribe to our newsletter and blog to gain more insight on how to get the attention of potential clients.

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Join Our Business Squad!


We are looking to hire staff who put an emphasis on quality, and style when working with clients. A strong work ethic, commitment, and a desire to be great are the beginning of what we are looking for.

Lead Project Manager

Are you disciplined, and energetic? If so we may have the right posisiton for you. PSS united is looking for a bright energetic person to nurture and lead teams to completion on projects.

Logo & Web Designers

PSS United is looking for individuals who are not scared of their creativity. We are looking for people with bold design that have meaning,are concise and are willing to go in-depth to explain how their ideas have come to past.

SEO & SSM Manager

SEO & SSM Managers need to have experience with social media, ppc, the importance of seo and how to combine all things to give clients higher returns on their investments, while deligating task to your team.